About Us

DELIATEACHER, is a private Language Center, set up in January 2015 in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, with the main purpose to fill an extended language need in the area: Speaking. In July 2016, it became an Official Examiner Center for Trinity College London, in Speaking exams.  

DELIATEACHER was founded by a New Yorker, who moved to Barcelona in 2006.

Once in Barcelona, she started working for different language centers, and sadly experienced that whatever language center she worked for, the time for “speaking” programmed if there was any, was limited to scarcely five minutes as a “warm up” to be followed by 85 minutes of grammar.

At first,  she started by teaching speaking classes on a one-to-one basis to help all of those students who in spite of having studied English for years, were unable to keep a conversation going. Over the years, more and more students came to her. It was then and there when she knew it was time to find a suitable place where she could reach out to more than one student at a time and at the same time keep a personalized class.

DELIATEACHER, counts with a variety of specialized courses and a qualified team who shares its vision and mission.

When you join DELIATEACHER you will receive the following:

  • All the sessions completely in English.

  • Personalized attention.

  • Access to our virtual classroom.

  • Access to our library.

  • Continuous assessment.

  • Small groups, maximum 8 students in each group.

  • Total English Immersion program in London -any time of the year-.

  • The possibility to obtain an oficial certificate in Spoken English by Trinity College, London.

Our Values

Dedication, Reliability, Respect, Commitment, Flexibility, Passion, Development, Honesty, and FUN!

Avda. Corts Catalanes, 5-7, 08173, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona

Tel: +34 93-590-6579 / +34 667-05-4934

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