Online Business English course


This online Business English courses includes the three most important business skills in English. At the end of this course you will be able to better communicate at work, in the business world. There are 3 different modules which focus on a particular business skill. You can take all the modules or choose your favorite! 




2 months each module






Module 1: Business Meetings

Module 2: Business Negotiations

Module 3: Business Presentations

We will include a discussion forum through our virtual classroom. The forum provides an opportunity for you to receive and give feedback and to share ideas and insights with the other students taking the course.

Price: 132€/module

What will I receive?

  • Key information on the specific Business skill you chose.

  • Handouts: Grammar explanation, closely related to the Business skill.  

  • Practice: grammar exercises, listening and reading tasks.

  • Business Case Assignments


Note: It is recommended to count with a minimum of an intermediate level to take full advantage of this course.

Online business workshops

Get those business skills now!

Business telephoning

Business Writing

Description: This is a 2-hour interactive workshop, focused on how to respond more effectively to questions and requests from your customers, on the phone.

Modality: Online

What does it cover?

  • Learning and/or expanding your active vocabulary

  • Improving your fluency and pronunciation

  • Customer-friendly phone communication in English

  • Dealing with cultural differences: politeness in English

  • Role play: conducting professional and effective conversations

Price: 69€

Description: This is a 2-hour hands on workshop that provides you with strategies and resources to enhance your written communication skills, focused on emails.

Modality: Online

What will you learn?

  • To Improve your business email writing skills.

  • To avoid common errors in email messages that could confuse your customers or managers (and you don’t want that!).

  • To improve your communication within international teams.


Price: 69€

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