Do you need more hours than the standard course offers? Or perhaps a different schedule? Or maybe you just want to go at your own pace, and learn specific areas of the language?

We have 5 packs of hours to offer you, which go from 10 to 100, at your own schedule, in the modality that you prefer (online or presencial). You can take as many hours as you want until your pack is done. You have 1 year to complete the hours.


Schedule: At your convenience

What does the price include?
  • All sessions in English with qualified educators.

  • Program based on the student’s needs.

  • Username for online sessions (online pack)

  • Access to our virtual classroom.

  • Continuous assessment with the Studies Manager.

What are the advantages?
  • The pack of hours can be taken any time of the year!

  • You can take the type of course and level you need.

  • You can improve your level of English in a short time.

Face-to-face modality is currently not available

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