How long is it really going to take? Why not just tell us the truth as grown-ups, even though it’s hard to swallow at first. Companies could have taken more accurate decisions; families would have organized better, schools and students could have scheduled their lessons more efficiently, and children would stop asking their parents: “Is it over yet?”.

I guess that just like me, many thoughts come to mind when we face the fact that we will be staying home the whole month of April, and who knows how much longer…

Assuming that you and your family are safe; if you are part of the very few “lucky” ones who can still work from home, such as myself, we are –to say the least-  just getting by. I’m a freelance worker, and as such, I have cut costs to a minimum, and adapted to the circumstances to keep my team afloat. If you on the other hand, belong to the group of freelance workers who have had to close and stay put at home; how are you getting by? Can you count with financial aids from the government in your country? Can you re-invent yourself? There’s a third group, the ones who had a part-time or full-time job and unfortunately lost their jobs, as the company went bankrupt. What then?

Will it be only fifteen more days? China, for instance, has ended its lockdown today, after 76 days, becoming the first country to end its confinement. What country will be next? I don’t have a clue! Look, I don’t know how long we are going to stay home, or when this will be over; so why not talk about it? And think of the best way to spend our time helping each other? We just might as well, don’t you agree?

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