Today I’m going to talk about loss.

We are never ready to lose somebody we love, but when we lose them in such a sudden and unexpected way, it’s unbearable. I have lost dearest people in my life –although not from Coronavirus-, I know how loss and grief looks and feels like in the flesh.

Some of my students have lost their darling ones from this virus, others have tested positive… I don’t know what to say, how to make them feel better! I just hope my eyes didn’t show the pain, terror, and sadness that got hold of me when they shared this during their online sessions.

“Universe provides”; “Look on the bright side!”; “Yes, we can!“ This is what I usually used to say, but not anymore, these phrases sound shallow, when I am nothing but shallow. Even If I believed we were going to kick this virus butt as the governor of NY said (well actually, he used another word for butt, but can’t mention it here); if and when I face a case, how can I make them feel any better?

Loss… a silent destroyer that invites grief into your life and invades your body, mind and soul. The only thing that comes to mind when reaching out to you is to keep as strong and positive as possible and to believe and convince yourselves that we are going to survive, and learn to live with loss the best way we can with love.

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