What is going on? Coronavirus has caused disruption worldwide, but mostly, disruptive political blame games, as most politicians are simply avoiding taking decisions that could go wrong, or even worse, blaming others for their mistakes, and even for the pandemic itself!

It will be inevitable that some politicians fall during this period for what they did, said or what they didn’t do or say. It doesn’t really matter; in the end, there will always be someone to blame in spite of what they did.

Who will fall first? It is said that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Never better said. Cracks are already showing, and as the crisis worsens, the pressure is building up. Trust is broken, and the focus is on who to blame, and we are all pointing fingers.

Politics are falling, “resigning” to their positions and being defined by the coronavirus blame games. Is it fair? I guess not. Are they doing a good job? Maybe not either, but if we all stop blaming them and try to understand that they are just doing their best in spite of not having the slightest certainty about the outcomes, we might be able to recover our day to day life.

Will there be failure? Of course! And we need to be ready to face it and overcome it, over and over, till we get good at it, and stop failing. Who said it was going to be easy? Not at all. But possible, it is; no matter how long it takes, we will manage. 

If we could only just stop wasting our energy and time on playing blame games.

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