Children need to play and run outdoors, that’s crystal clear. They also need us to look after them and protect them, because we are supposed to know what’s best for them. 

These adorable little creatures, a bundle of love, who hold our hearts in their hands, depend on us 100% - we cannot let them down. So, what is this all about letting children go out –of course with an adult-, to get fresh air in the name of their mental and physical health?! I’m sorry to rain on your parade guys, but children touch everything, put their hands anywhere and everywhere, and then automatically… into their mouths, yes, in their mouths, and back again to where they started.

What in the world do you think will happen? If not to them who seem to have an immeasurable immune system against this virus, to their parents and grandparents who live in the same house, and don’t seem to share the same strength. 

I know our children can drive us nuts sometimes, when on a 24/7 watch, but still, couldn’t we wait a couple of weeks more?

Children need to play outdoors, yes; but above all, they need our love - and who could best love them and care for them than their parents? So please, let’s take this decision with our hearts; I beg you.

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