First, we were told that our pets didn’t represent any risk to owners; now, they tell us that cats can catch Coronavirus. What about dogs? I’ve read that dogs can contract certain types of coronaviruses, such as the canine respiratory coronavirus.

Although there is no evidence that companion pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the virus, I frankly don’t think it’s a good idea to wait for the experts to have a clear answer on this, for us to take precautions.

What about other kind of furry/hairy pets, such as hamsters? I would even go further and include all kinds of pets. I got so many questions on this, like who infects whom? How are we supposed to contain them? What about taking dogs for a walk? Aren’t we putting our neighbors at risk?

A tiger at New York’s Bronx Zoo is the first known case of COVID-19 in an animal in the United States. Several tigers and lions at the zoo showed symptoms including a dry cough, wheezing, and lack of appetite. All of the animals at the zoo are believed to have been infected by a zoo employee who showed signs of COVID-19. Can you imagine all the animals at the zoo infected with coronavirus? This is just beyond surreal.

Coming back to our pets, are vets ready to treat this? What about our children with pets? Our pets with pregnant women? Our pets with our elders? Police dogs? Dogs that guide the blind? Dogs used in hospitals to heal terminal patients? I could go on, but you get the idea…

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