What the hell is going on? Really? Harassing those who are putting their lives on the line to save humanity?! For crying out loud! This is despicable!

A nurse in New York said the other day that hospitals were like in a war zone, because patients were fighting for their lives; and who was by their side in this battle? Doctors & nurses; cleaners & technicians; precisely those same people, who are now being harassed, suffering from physical assaults, threats and intimidation, and asked to leave their homes to live elsewhere.

How dare you?

Unfortunately this is not happening only among healthcare staff, but also among strangers on public transport; at the workplace against those who had been working abroad, and among neighbors. Has coughing become a new stigma arising from this pandemic?

It’s ok to be scared, I am! But we need to get a grip, and not let it reach the level of Panic, because that is what takes a community to react negatively and in an extreme or irrational manner.

Instead of reacting in such a terrible way when facing fear, we should learn from our elders; those courageous human beings who have lived, been there, and seen it all.

Let me introduce you to this wonderful woman I saw on the news today: Gertrude Larson, who at 104, a nurse, and survivor of the pandemic, helps out sewing masks for nursing homes.

I’m not asking you to start making masks, especially if you’re like me who can’t even sew a button; but I’m sure we can find a better way to fight this terrible fear, without hurting and diminishing others. Stop and think for a moment, what if it were you on the line of duty? 

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