What are you doing to keep the spirits up?

Not so long ago, it wasn’t that difficult to feel optimistic and happy. We all have reasons to believe that sooner or later, this situation will come to an end. But in the meantime, how can we keep our spirits up?

I’m aware that this is an exercise from the inside out, that it doesn’t mean to smile all the time, or look great, but it helps. I truly believe that the brain has lots to do with our whole well-being, and that it is capable of saving us from going nuts, and even of convincing us that everything will be ok.

I’m not a day dreamer, nor idealist, but I do listen to my body. It actually talks to you, listen! Listen to that little voice – no, I’m not crazy- telling you to put your boots on and fight! To use your time, not waste it! To nourish your spirit, not to pity it. To look forward to better times, not fear them. But most of all, to do your best in the present time, and live it to the fullest, even if it’s for a nanosecond. At the end of the day add them all up and count your blessings, I assure you will find more than one reason to keep your spirits up!

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