Love: wonderful, pure unselfish feeling. At some point of our lives, we have felt love either for our parents, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, pets, and even for material things; I could go on forever. If you have been lucky enough in life to find love in a partner, you are one of the few lucky ones.

What if this happens in times of Coronavirus? With all the new cases of Covid-19 being reported each day; couples all over the world are still getting married during this pandemic. I find this astonishing! It reminds me of the Beatles’ song, “Love is all you need”.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about love today, because today in Catalonia we celebrate “Sant Jordi”; a celebration of love, as we do on Saint Valentine’s Day. Here, you give roses and books, based on the legend of Sant Jordi and the dragon. As a New Yorker living in Barcelona, I find this legend quite different from the usual story of the princess who needs to be saved, because it has an unexpected twist at the end.

The legend says that there was a dragon, which ate all the animals in the village, till there were no more left to eat, and what did he do? He started eating people! So, the desperate king ordered the strongest men to kill the dragon, but the dragon ate them all! When the dragon chose the princess as a victim, Sant Jordi offered to defeat the dragon, which he did, by stabbing his sword into the dragon’s heart. So, where’s the twist? In the dragons cave, a rose blossomed from the dragon’s blood, and Sant Jordi gave it to the princess.

Since then this story became a legend and every year on 23rd of April, Barcelona has plenty of roses and books. The streets are full of flower stands and the city is invaded with the pleasant aroma of roses. The tradition says that every boy/man must give a rose to a girl/woman, who in return gives a book to the boy.

You won’t see any roses in the streets this year, no rose aroma but alcohol and chlorine. However, love will find its way, and for sure there will be more than one couple around the world getting married. To all of them: Congrats! 

And to all Catalans, “Feliç Sant Jordi”!   

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