Ok, so it’s official, we’re staying home longer! Oh boy! Talking to my students during our speaking sessions on Skype, we have discussed about the many things we have been able to come around at home. You know, all those things most of us hate doing, and luckily for us never had enough time to do before all this started, like cleaning the kitchen (I mean really clean it!); or put your closet in order; now you have time to try on your clothes and get rid of those that don’t fit anymore.

However, after the cleaning and the tidying up, letting go of all that stress bundled up, let’s get down to sharing quality time with our loved ones and ourselves at home. My children are young adults and don’t live with us in Barcelona, so I’m locked down with my hubby, who makes my world spin. And yet, we need some space, some time to re-create ourselves.

What am I talking about? Let me begin by mentioning that one of my favorite 5, would be cooking like my grandparents used to cook: slowly… stirring…We have lost this tradition! My hubby for instance, is the one who does all the cooking at home (he cooks delicious, by the way!), and he comes out with these beautiful dishes, in 30 minutes!!! I don’t know how he does it! But now that we have all the time of the world to cook grandma/grandpa style, why not trying it? I have, and it really relaxed me, to the point that I ended up dancing in the kitchen :)

Another way we could spent quality time would be to take sun baths. If you have a balcony, great! I don’t, but I have huge sliding windows which I open first thing in the morning, every single day. At noon, I manage to take part of my body out –from my waist up-, without falling down from a first floor (3 meters maybe?), and get as much sun as I can, hehe. I would have a glass of wine or a beer with me, but don’t dare to risk falling! By the way, my hubby does not take part in these adventurous sun baths! I don’t blame him!

What about board games? We used to play board games when I was a kid with the family, great memories, and I recall learning how to be patient while waiting for my turn, and learning how to deal with winning or losing in a fun way, and team working. I brought this tradition to my family as my children were growing up, and now my husband and I are playing every day, and we get a kick out of it!

What about those TV series, you didn’t have enough time to watch before? Now we are watching 1 or 2 episodes at night before going to bed. There are so many options! It’s crazy! But no complaint, once we decide on which one we’ll watch together, it’s show time!

We are also planning to do a puzzle together, no idea if we will be able to get it online, but we´ll give it a try.

And last, but not least, using technology to reach out to our loved ones is one of the greatest invention ever. I use it on a daily basis, in fact have got a kick out of it with new apps my children have updated their mom to keep in touch and talk about our day, feeling s and fears.

What about you? How are you giving value to your time at home?

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