How can we serve our community? For those of us who don’t have a degree in medicine, how can we help? Are we more useful to our community by staying home and keeping safe? Or is it our civic duty to go out there and volunteer? It’s clear that we should follow orders and stay home, but yet, is that enough? Are we actually contributing at our fullest by doing so? If so, why is it that I feel I could do much more? Say that you are like me, a freelancer who’s working from home suffering a cut in revenues in more than a 50% and counting; or instead had a fix salary and recently lost your job; or that  just like me, you have a family member at the hospital suffering from the virus, waiting for them to recover, or even worse, passed away; or that your spouse or partner in crime needs to go to work every day as my hubby, because his job is in the list of essential services; or you have loved ones or close friends on the front line helping patients in their battle against the virus, without the appropriate protective gear, but their conviction on the mission; or maybe just like me, you have neighbors who have a house in the mountain and fled.

We, as society, are so diverse; however, it is in diversity that we can find strength and unity. We are way over the –Why-? Don’t you think it’s about time we ask ourselves: How? How can we keep ourselves, our family, our community, our country, our planet, to keep SAFE? How can we help each other as one? How are we going to recover from this together? How are we going to find the strength and unity within chaos? It’s time to meditate, and get ready for tougher times to come, hopefully, as one.  

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