TELE... what?!!!

TELEMEDICINE, the 21st century doctor’s house call.

I didn’t know this, but it seems that telemedicine, as a concept, has been around for more than 25 years!

Now, in times of pandemic, in which we are living extraordinary circumstances, it has been adopted more and more as the cases rise and the hospitals are overwhelmed; although of course it would still have to be fully regulated to make it accessible to the population as a whole.

So, what is telemedicine? Well, you interact with a physician or a clinician, who provides the patient with medical services without ever laying hands on you. How? With the use of technology, devices like a laptop, desktop, or a smartphone, to connect directly with a healthcare professional. Ha, ha, ha, and you thought you had seen it all!

Does it work? I’d say it does, if you can solve your medical problem or doubt with a video encounter or a phone conversation with your doctor, for routine checkups or follow-ups; or for prescribing medications, without the need of physical contact.

We are truly entering into a new era.

It is clear that this type of medical care can only apply to certain illnesses, but if fully implemented, it could represent a plus to those who choose it to avoid commuting, unaffordable medical bills, and perhaps even to avoid getting infected by highly contagious illnesses at the doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Who knows, maybe next trend will be AI doctors…

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