When talking about keeping a balance in life, it used to be about healthy work-life balance. Now, we are literally talking about work-stay alive balance. We were taught in Business 101 how to prioritize our time, identifying what’s urgent and important from what’s important but not urgent, or urgent but not important; or neither urgent nor important. In mindfulness, we have read plenty of times how important “me time” is, excluding all possible work thoughts; I’m afraid mindfulness is not a priority in the world economy at the time. It’s clear that cash flow is one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses. In fact, the hospitality sector is on hold, and I don’t particularly think it will be on the go-go till December. With that in mind, this summer will be dead and not only small businesses, but also big ones will crash; 2020 will be a very difficult year, both health wise and in the economy. 

How can we prioritize? I came across an ad on the media the other day – you might have seen it- in which a man in his early 40’s was asked how many deaths were acceptable to open the economy; he said from 70 to 700 people the most. This was followed by a group of 70 people walking into the scene, and he broke into tears; it was his family and friends! So, they asked him the same question again, and this time he said: ZERO! To all those business owners, we know we are going through difficult times, but is it really worth risking the lives of your loyal workers? There are thousands of businesses out there in the same situation. There must be another way, a better way, a better time to go back to work without exposing ourselves and others. When fear or self-doubt or anxiety creeps in, we are not that efficient anyway. We need to find a way to become highly productive, without losing our soul in the way. Why don’t we all breathe… let’s take a moment and try to be as fair as possible, without losing any more lives for the sake of the economy.

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