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    Today I'm writing as a concerned business owner, responsible for my staff, and doing my best to keep this baby running. And like me, I'm pretty sure there are many others.

    In war, it is said that decisions are based on tactics and strategies. It is known by experience

    that sometimes you must be willing to lose some battles in order to win the war.

    I think that no matter how big or small your company may be, in moments like these, in the

    middle of a pandemic without precedents, you need to choose your battles, and be willing to

    make some sacrifices to stand upright at your post.

    For how long? Who knows! That's the challenge. Our decisions should be supported by the

    certainty of our choices in spite of not knowing what the future holds.

    In sales, it's called forecasting; at a fair, it's called fortune telling. It's scary, but that's what

    managers are paid for, to take decisions; hopefully, the right ones for the best outcomes.

    So now my question to all of you is, how can we all keep our staff and clients safe on the one

    hand, while keeping the business afloat on the other?

    How are you handling this? What decisions have you taken?

    Look forward to your comments.