Normality, “the condition of being normal; the state of being usual, typical, or expected”. What about the “new normality”? What the hell is that?

If you look it up in an urban dictionary, you will find something like this: “…the current state of being, after some dramatic change has transpired... What replaces the expected, usual, typical state after an event occurs.” (Source:

There are 2 phrases that got stuck in my head: dramatic change and replaces the typical state. I ask myself if after replacing a state for a “new” one, will we ever go back to the “old” normality, or not? I mean, if the change occurs after an event, in this case the pandemic with all its consequences, the new normality is not the same as the one we used to have, as long as the event exists, and even if the event that provoked the new normality no longer exists, will we be able to go back to the “old” normality, or are we going to unfold a different new normality, meeting halfway?

Am I making any sense? Humor me for a sec. We don’t know how long this new normality (whatever the heck this means), is going to last, but let’s say till December, 7 months! Our “new normality” is starting to look something like, taking 1-hour walks and get some exercise, alone (except if you live with somebody else), keeping a 2m distance from others, wearing masks & gloves on a daily basis, washing our hands with lots of soap for 30 seconds minimum, cleaning our house with chlorine, and leaving our shoes in the hall.

Our social manners and etiquette will be re-stated, avoiding shaking hands, kissing, and hugging. The new normality when socializing with friends and relatives at home is out of the question, and going out with friends is seen like part of a utopic fiction novel to read for summer.

In business, new normality means relying much more on our phone, tablet, laptop, and all sort of gadgets & platforms to make it work as similar as possible to the face-to-face meetings and gatherings. Not bad when we take into account the time and money we waste commuting. However, there are some business that need to hold meetings or sell the “old way” with the products at hand. Can’t figure that one!

When it comes to romance, I’m on thin ice, what’s the new normality, here? Nobody talks about it! I will start with 3 simple questions: Kisses? Hugs? Sex? You tell me!

This new normality is just starting to show its face. How will it look like in a month or 2? Just food for thought.

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