I have been writing “to do” lists ever since I remember. I actually write a to-do list on a daily basis. It really helps me organize my thoughts, and my time. It also helps me plan and prioritize. Plan… a word I took for granted for so long. Planning makes me feel in control, gives me direction, guidance, a route to follow. It helps me envision the future… and have a plan “B”, just in case.

But now? I don’t even know what to expect as the day unfolds! How can I possibly plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Is this just me (a control freak)? What if I’m not the only one? What if it escalates to families, companies, cities, states, countries… the world! Just like the coronavirus, beyond our control.

Who would have imagined, not even in their wildest dreams that there would be a day in the 21st century, in which the whole world would be suffering from a pandemic! That the US would be the country with the highest number of confirmed cases on Earth (today= almost 86,000 and counting!), followed by China, Italy, and Spain.

We often thought that the future would bring state of the art technology, high quality of life, automation, and that we would perish of age, but not like this. When you are home alone day after day, afraid to go out, people reaching out to mental healthcare due to isolation, stress, and panic; precisely and because of this feeling of the unknown. The “invisible beast”, as the Governor of my hometown (NY), just called this virus.

I am convinced about one thing, most of the ones who survive this challenge will come out stronger and better human beings. Others, after showing their true colors, will come out exactly as who they really are. And we will remember the time in which we did not know what the future hold, and learned how to live a day at a time; learned how to treasure each day, and made the great effort to imagine a better tomorrow.

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