Today I'm reaching out as an outraged citizen, who is suffering the consequences of heartless "human" beings, name them bank executives, business managers, or pharmacy owners, among others.

I will speak up for myself, and share with you one of the most shocking episodes I've gone through this week in the middle of this terrible coronavirus pandemic.

Like for example, being obliged by my bank executive, who was comfortably working from home, to go to the bank "YA!" to sign a document as a foreign bank holder, unless I wanted the bank to BLOCK my bank account!!! Really? I mean, is she for real? Was she listening to herself? After more than a decade in the country, you want me to go today, or else?!!!

It's a document which appeared as "pending of signature" in the bank's system. In spite of the fact that I had already signed the so mentioned document through the bank online, and had emailed the snapshots to demonstrate that there was nothing pending to sign and that everything was ok according to the robotic bank assistant, it was rejected by this person.

There's no doubt in my mind that it must be mandatory to count with completed files, and that now those bank executives who are working from home, probably have more time in their hands to put in order their files, BUT asking me, actually demanding me to leave my home in the middle of the quarantine, for the bank's records sake, was OUTRAGEOUS!

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