History has taught us that countries all over the world have depended on one another for centuries, mostly for food, but also for technology, including machinery and equipment: But now that countries are in great need, I ask myself, who could we depend on? The US? Europe? Or maybe China? Why are we depending so much on China?

China, ancient land of invention… indeed, great contribution to science and technology; and for that, admirable. So, don’t take me wrong, I got nothing against China as a country, this is not a political statement; it is just an honest question; food for thought. Why is the world depending on China to supply equipment by which people’s lives depend on? If a developed country has the machinery and the resources to produce the masks, respirators, and ventilators, to keep health workers from contracting the virus, and patients from dying, why not get on to it, and produce them now? I understand that the production of sophisticated facemasks like the N95 model requires special fabric which is in short supply; what I don’t understand is how come developed countries are not able to obtain it. Why is it taking so long for powerful countries to react, and set the records straight, firmly and clearly, for starters, in order to protect its people from harm? Isn’t that what governments are supposed to do? What is stopping them from doing so?    For you to have an idea, almost two-thirds (65.9%) of Chinese exports in 2019, were delivered to other countries in the world, among which the US represented 16.8% of China’s total exports (Source: http://www.worldstopexports.com/chinas-top-import-partners/).

It’s in times like these, when we must ponder, and ask ourselves “Why?”

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