Speaking for TEENS

No text books! The course is based entirely on SPEAKING!
The program is entirely based on SPEAKING. Our teens work on a different project every month, which they present at the end of the month in group or individually acquiring, practicing and consolidating vocabulary, use of English skills and pronunciation sklls in a natural way.

Our programs follow the unique methodology of DELIATEACHER, which has proven to work wonders! As an Examiner Center of TRINITY College London, all our students attending the speaking courses, get ready for the Speaking exams. 


At DELIATEACHER, you learn and have fun all the way!

The groups are small, and students can recuperate the sessions they miss any other day of the week!

The program is based on the TRINITY speaking exams, so the teens will learn and acquire all the language requirements for those exams through projects and different kind of activities.

Age: from 12-17 years old.

Modality: Online or home teacher.

What does the price include?

  • All sessions in English with qualified educators

  • Program based on conversation topics that are different every month

  • Free monthly activities

  • Access to our virtual classroom and library

  • Continuous assessment with the Studies Coordinator

  • Reports

  • Cafeteria

What are the advantages?
  • No books, natural English

  • You can join the course any time of the year

  • Courses offered by native English teachers/speakers.

  • Small groups.

Avda. Corts Catalanes, 5-7, 08173, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona

Tel: +34 93-590-6579 / +34 667-05-4934

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