See what our students have to say about us!

“Delia’s classes are funny and easy to follow… you can both have a good time and learn a lot. One of the most important thing for me in a teacher is that I understand the explanations, more than the high knowledges of the teacher. About this, I can say that Delia has both… she’s able to answer any question you have in an easy way, so that’s perfect.
I’m really happy with my progress, thanks Delia!!!! ”

Tania M.
Barcelona, Spain

Delia: Thank you for your love, understanding and patience that you have had with our children. Surely they will repeat, do not doubt. They have never had such a fun teacher like you. Happy summer.


Dr. Ferrán Ferrán & wife.
Sant Cugat, Barcelona

How about Delia? I always say I’m not be able to speak english since I met Delia! Studying english with her is really really simple and funny!  She is a great professional teaching english, she prepares each class personalized for you, she pays atention on your neeeds and always is ready to help you to resolve your doubts. Apart from that, she is a nice and funny person. Is withouth a doubt the best teacher I ever have. ¡English is easy with Delia! ^^


Professional photographer
Rubí, Barcelona

This is my testimony as follow:
Good professional, dynamic and positive. Answers all my questions. Clarifies my doubts. Helps me to understand. Knows what teach.


Anna Rubio
Barcelona, Spain


What can I say about you??? I still remember the day I met you more than 3 years ago. With you, I started learning english in a different way. Not only studying and memorizing, but also having fun at class. with you as my teacher I’ve laught, danced, sang, and of course, LEARNT but with a teacher who is always in a GOOD MOOD!!!
you’re the best teacher I’ve ever had.


Núria Puigventós
Barcelona, Spain


Someone said, ” to much technology for the teacher ” and he was wrong! This website is the proof that for my lovely teacher Delia, nothing is to much, she’ll get there to give the best of her knowledge to others. So, who else can be more reliable than her? I am very grateful to have studied with her, because she gave me the confidence to speak English in public and get a decent score in toefl. Thank you teacher.


Perla Díaz De León


This summer, my 8 year old daughter has been able to enjoy some great days at the Delia Summer Center.
It has been simply fantastic. My little girl has played, she has had fun, she has shared and learned English. Now she does the magic tricks with her super Magic Box in English. I congratulate the whole team.
Of course, I've already signed up for my daughter to continue throughout the school year with Delia and her team.


Cristina Gracia Mozley
Sant Cugat, Barcelona

A great place with a unique methodology that will get you speaking English in no time! Not only that, but you will WANT to speak English with Delia's balance of professionalism, personalised approach and guaranteed fun :)


Nikolay Sklyarov

Sant Cugat, Barcelona

If you are looking for a different way of learning English, please don't hesitate to contact Deliateacher. The boring classes are over!
This is a different system, intelligent and adapted to your needs.
In my case, my son's progress has been spectacular. He used to hate English and now they congratulate him on school. Congratulations on finding a method that is, at the same time, so fun and so effective!

Rosa Estany

Sant Cugat, Barcelona

A great experience !!!
I have worked as an English language monitor and I can only say good things about the center. The objective is to learn English at the same time that you have fun doing many different activities. In addition, they have all kinds of courses for children, young people and adults. La Delia is a very happy and energetic person, always willing to teach English in the best way possible. I recommend this 100% center if you want to learn or improve your English.

Carla Morillo

Sant Cugat, Barcelona

I have been a student at the school since the beginning. Since I had Delia as a teacher 8 years ago in another academy, I have never stopped following her. She is a great professional.

Núria Puigventós

Sant Cugat, Barcelona

They have a easy and adaptable system to learn english. I really like this academy and I recommend it to everyone.

Come and learn !!!

Pau Subirats Güell

Sant Cugat, Barcelona

It's a very good academy, they explain very well and they teach you how to speak properly in English things that will help you in the future. Recommended for everybody!

Clara Mª De Pablos Pastor

Sant Cugat, Barcelona

Check what people say on Google reviews!    4,8

El método de Delia es fresco, útil y divertido. Una forma de aprender inglés de forma natural. Además ella es genial, igual que el resto del equipo!

Gala Martínez

Aprender con Delia es de lo mejor que he hecho. Soy completamente delia-adicta. Las clases semanales de inglés se han convertido en mi mejor terapia para empezar la semana con ilusión. Aprender divirtiéndote es lo mejor que se ha inventado y sin duda Delia lo consigue. Gracias Delia.

Monica Custodio

Es muy divertida i me lo passo muy bien
En la escuela. Los professores son muy enrollados i divertidos. En esta escuela la verdad es que se aprende mucho

Lowis _P3DAL

Me desplazo para ir a Deliateacher a dar clases de inglés, es obvio que donde vivo existen muchas academias de inglés pero he elegido Deliateacher ya que Delia es una gran profesional, genial y siempre buscando nuevos métodos de enseñanza .
Me encanta todo el equipo de Deliateacher, son encantadores y muy dinámicos

TRINI Sanchez Pérez

la mejor academia de ingles del mundo, el equipo que compone el centro es dinamico , profesional y super divertido, da gusto acudir a sus clases.

Antonio Jesus Ruiz Langa

Es muy guay divertida me lo passo muy bien porque aprendo mucho. Los profes son muy enrollados i divertidos

Albertouu15 Gvngshit15

Sin lugar a dudas, una muy buena academia para aprender Inglés de forma natural. Delia and her team are wonderfull

Faustino Adeva

Aprender inglés con Delia es un placer. Es mi momento de relax y aprendizaje semanal... sí, sí... Delia consigue que me olvide de la rutina, de los problemas, del trabajo, incluso de la cena!! Y encima I'm learning a topeeee!!! Qué más se puede pedir? Ah sí! Un equipo profesional y dedicado al 100%... pues con eso también cuenta Delia Teacher. Thanks a lot por ser como sois!

Martha Ballús

Excenlente!!! Un método magnífico para aprender hablar inglés!! Aprendes desde que entras por la puerta!!

Alicia Pastor

Si busqueu una forma diferent d'aprendre anglès no ho dubteu més, apunteu-vos a Deliateacher. S'han acabat les classes avorrides!!! És un sistema diferent, intel·ligent i adaptat a les teves necessitats.
En el cas del meu fill la progressió ha estat espectacular. Odiava l'anglès i ara a l'escola el feliciten. Enhorabona per buscar un mètode alhora tan divertit i tan eficàs!!!!

Rosa Estany

Sóc alumna de l'escola des dels inicis. Des de que vaig tenir a la Delia com a professora fa 8 anys a una altra acadèmica, mai l'he deixat de seguir. És una gran professional.

Núria Puigventós

Tenen un sistema d' aprenentatge que és molt fàcil d' adaptació i és molt fàcil d' aprendre. M' agrada molt aquesta acadèmia i la recomano a tothom . Vine i aprèn !!!

Itz Dark

Es molt bona academia expliquen molt bé i ensenyan com parlar adecuadament en angles coses que et serviran per un futur. Recomenable per tothom😘😘

Clara Mª De Pablos Pastor

Porto molt anys aqui a la academia i sempre hi han hagut bons profes i la forma de fer classes es molt bona. Gracies


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